Writing Challenge – Week 8

Hello lads! Sticking with the theme of misery guts here. This week’s challenge is another one around sadness. I don’t know why… I’m actually quite a chipper soul, I promise ;) But we’ve all had our fair share of tears. Here’s this week’s challenge:

Write in any style about something which makes you sad.

Not to be funny about this one or anything, but if you aren’t doing it already, think outside the box a bit. Don’t go with the first thing that comes into your head. Have a look at the words in the challenge and have a think about how you understand them and how you would interpret that. Your first thought may be Aha! Injustice in the world makes me sad! (Or even rubbishy TV programmes, I don’t know) but another interpretation is that sometimes people are described as sad in a sense other than upset. In which case you could think about writing about something which other people think makes you sad. For example (personally) I would rather cook a three course meal for my family and watch a movie at home than go out drinking on a Friday night with the folks from college. In some people’s eyes, that makes me sad. You see? Don’t just do the writing challenge, think about it, the way the challenge is written. Then do. And do it in your own style.

Happy and Non-Robotic Writing!

Shorty :)

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