Writing Challenge – Week 13

Hello lads,

Having been up until fruitcake o’ clock several nights this week doing university essays (the first was my fault for not being more diligent, the second was just too interesting and I kept going off through warrens of too-complex-for-a-BA-student style thoughts) I haven’t really felt like either reading or writing this week. I accidentally found myself on a novel binge over the weekend to make up for being stuffed with academic papers all week. I didn’t intend it but I started reading Dragon Keeper by Carole Wilkinson and couldn’t stop. It’s great when you rediscover fiction. The only thing is that the book was only supposed to fill the quiet spaces at work but I was afflicted with Bernard’s Syndrome (Black Books) where lots of annoying customers kept coming into the shop wanting to buy things while I was trying to read. All the same, I thought I’d post the writing challenge tonight instead of Monday in case it turns out to be another hectic week.

Write about thunder tucked in sunshine.

A little odd I suppose but the other day I was trying to think of a way to describe a character in a story I’m writing and the phrase ‘he was thunder tucked in sunshine‘ just sort of materialised from out of the cobwebs. Take it and use it how you will, I hope you come up with something good and original.

Happy Writing!


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