Dreams – Week 15 Response

Hello lads!

Having just had the good fortune to realise that I have a week longer off of university than I had first anticipated, I decided to celebrate by sitting down and writing the poem I challenged you to about an hour ago for the writing challenge. Having managed not to fall asleep on my notebook, here’s my attempt:


The rain falls on the rooftops, falling to the tiles,

And we are falling also so I’ll stay with you awhile.

We always were so hopeful , those hopes once shone like fires

But every day in every way the rain kills our desires.

No amount of darkness can hide a spark of light

And I still watch our visions dance in the stillness of the night.

Yet the world would have it her way, and she would tear us down

So we must battle for our innocence like men who will not drown.

And the world screams we’re impossible as she drives us to our knees

But she will never understand the bright visions that we see,

Not of a world which eyes perceive, but of which the heart knows well

Where the impossible always comes true and evil long since fell

Like the rain falls on the rooftops, falling to the tiles,

But our hope keeps us from falling so I’ll stay with you awhile.

I’m wiped out so it’s pretty pants but I suppose it’ll do. It’s not fair to only share genius in writing and not fluff. My duvet calls and I must answer.

Every blessing,



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