A Simple Song

Hello lads!

There’s a song going round my head. It has been pestering me a little but the words are very good though they’re simple so I thought I’d share it. The title escapes me:

bukan dengan barang fana                              Not with temporal things
 kau membayar dosaku                                      You paid for my sins;
 dengan darah yang mahal                               with expensive blood     
 tiada noda dan celah                                         without stain or blemish.

bukan dengan emas perak                               Not with silver or gold
 kau menebus diriku                                           You redeemed me
 oleh segenap kasih                                             Only by your love
 dan pengorbananmu                                        And sacrifice.

 ku telah mati dan tinggalkan                         I have died and left
 jalan hidupku yang lama                                My old way of life
 semuanya sia-sia                                              Everything is vain
 dan tak berarti lagi                                          And meaningless again

hidup ini kuletakkan                                        I lay this life
 pada mesbahmu ya tuhan                             On your altar oh Lord 
 jadilah padaku seperti                                    Do with me
 yang kau ingini                                                As you desire.


It’s a lovely song.  I’ll put a link to a video at the bottom if I can find one. It’s funny, writing out and translating the words makes me think about them even more. It’s so simple but true. I think the two best lines in it are definitely where it says ‘I have died and left my old way of life’ and ‘Do with me as you desire’ It is true of every Christian’s life. There’s no need for fancy words. It’s that simple.

[It’s not working so I’ll just link it instead. Here you are: Bukan Dengan Barang Fana]


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