Writing Challenge – Week 21

Hi guys!

At least this one is on time. As you may have gathered, I’m not great with strict deadlines (well…). Hope you all had a good week and if any of you have had exams, I hope they went well. I was delighted to find out that  had passed mine :) There was a little panic over one of them but a C will do. It’s always exciting picking next year’s modules too. It’s so unreal that second year is over already. It feels like my first day at uni was only yesterday. It’s incredible how much can be learned in such a short time. I’m sure that I know less now than I did when I first began!

All the same. That’s of no interest to you. Here’s this week’s creative writing challenge (stress on the creative):

Write a short story about someone who is relieved.

As usual, think about the sentence, it has at least two meanings ;)

Happy Writing!


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