Writing Challenge – Week 25

Hello lads!

Hopefully you have all had a good week? Just to let you know, although there are a bus load of people following this blog, you are not supposed to be an audience. I find it somewhat difficult to believe that you are all the strong and silent types so why not share your ideas or opinions in the comments section? Even something like ‘This iS 1 of The worse blog’s ever!! >:( ‘ or ‘this week’s challenge was a bit pants but it helped me with an idea for my novel which you can find here at blahblahblah.icantwrite.com’

It would be nice to know if there’s any life out there, and if there is, whether or not it is engaging with any of the other life out there. So: how has your week been? How did you find last week’s challenge? This week, it’s not a great one but it’s open to being absolutely anything you like:

Write something with the title ‘Gold and Cyan’.

Here’s to hoping my voice doesn’t just echo back from the vast wastelands of cyberspace. Happy Writing!


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