Writing Challenge – Week 29

Hi lads!

Sorry it’s late, we were at the theatre yesterday. We went to see Passing Places which, incidentally, was really good. It’s a Scottish comedy about a guy and his mate who steal his boss’ prize surfboard as revenge for being unjustly fired. They then try to run away to Thurso with the gangster boss chasing them. The company performing were really good and it was a great day out, it’s just a shame that there’s so much swearing in the script. It’s sort of understandable because these two guys and their boss are from motherwell but all the same…

Anyway, to the point. This week’s writing challenge is just that:

Write a murder/crime story/thriller from the perspective of the floor (or piece of ground) on which it happened.

My brother and I were joking about this as he tried to put his folio pieces together back in May but you know what? Actually, it’s not a bad idea…


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