Writing Challenge – Week 31

Hi lads!

I hope you’ve had a good week. My brother was just telling me about the most deliciously evil thing he’s seen this week and it really cracked me up so I thought I’d share it with you.

He was in McDonald’s and there were two people in the queue in front of him. At the front of the queue was just a random fella then directly in front of my brother was your typical uncaring mother, dividing her attention between squawking into her phone and yelling at her child who was in turn screaming that he wanted a donut. This situation is rather common where we live (sadly) but the man at the front was evidently getting quite hacked off by the brat behind.

When it came to his turn to be served, the man went forward. Our Mc’s has a display case for the donuts and cakes and by this point there was only three left. The child was still screaming. What else was the man to do?

He bought every last one of the remaining donuts and walked away.


This week’s writing challenge sounds easy but isn’t actually as easy as it looks.

Write a poem made up of single syllable words.

Please don’t just write gibberish and call it literature. If you want a challenge, write something real and meaningful, not just a random splurge of letters on the page. But keep it to single syllables. I’ll leave it to your own conscience whether words like pow’r and o’er are allowed.

Happy Writing!



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