Satisfaction Indeed

I know it’s late but I’m just so elated that I’ve finally finished my last essay for this semester that I’m probably not going to sleep too soon. It is so good to have the work completed and completed on time. Unless you already know the feeling it just can’t be explained. The funny thing is that it’s even keener because my work is done on time.

I know that’s a little odd but this year has been pretty rough. Mitigating circumstances type rough and I’ve been struggling against the attitude of just getting around to my work when it gets done because I have MC so it doesn’t matter if it’s late. It may seem small but it feels like a great victory from this end. Despite everything we are able by God’s grace to do what he has asked us to do and do it well. And so the knowledge that good work on time despite the world falling apart round our heads brings glory to God is like the cherry on top of my (warm) cinnamon bun. Take to heart David Livingstone’s words ‘Fear God and work hard.’ No buts.

To all of you who are still ploughing through essays and exams, keep going. You’re nearly there. And to all of you who have troubles and hardships in life, just remember that they don’t last forever, even though they feel like they will while we’re here in the midst of them. No matter how deep the depths, the everlasting arms are still beneath you even when you’re so numb with the cold and blind with the darkness that you don’t even know which way is up. It’s hard at the moment. It really is.

But we’ve got a great God. And he delights in his children. The sorrow will not last until morning.



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