12 Things That Might Make You Think Differently About the Nativity Story

Adventures in Faith & Art

redemptionsreach1.  Since Bethlehem was the City of David, (i.e., King David’s town of origin), then the shepherds who were tending their sheep outside of the city were likely in the same fields that David was in when he was a shepherd boy. So the same fields upon which the angels declared the glory of God to the shepherds may likely have been the same fields where David learned to aim a sling, play his lyre, and maybe even compose songs.

2.  Speaking of shepherds, here are some other famous figures in the Bible who spent some time as shepherds: Moses, Joseph, Abraham. Apparently leaders are grown in shepherd’s fields.

3.  Mary’s spontaneous response to her cousin Elizabeth is known as The Magnificat (not to be confused with The Aristocats), a prayer of praise to God. Her prayer alludes to several Old Testament biblical passages, most notably the book of…

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