Sadly this week I haven’t had time to do the photo challenge so I’m posting one from about a month back if you’ll forgive me. Here is my contribution to the family theme:



Not the best photo ever but it’s only the beginning of the year. I hadn’t realised what a motley crew we are. Yikes.

The reason I haven’t been able to get my camera out this week is actually the second idea for KA. Our church is rethinking our outreach strategy and it turns out that our old tracts — which looked something like this:

Layout 1

— are sadly not effective. Apparently people don’t read two sides of A4 (folded as a leaflet of course) and besides they’re getting too expensive to get shipped out. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to hear such terrible news.

The thing is, we live in a city with an average reading age of eight years old for adults (last time I checked). So we came up with an idea: a series of tracts which go through the Roman road. We could give one out each month which would cover six months or so of outreach and at the very least by the end of it the people in our area would know who we are and what we stand for and at best they might actually get saved. I’m praying for a (spiritual) baby this year.

But what has this got to do with not keeping up with my photography I hear you cry! Or I would hear you cry if ever there was any interaction. You know sometimes I feel like I’m just writing notes to myself and launching them out into the void? But back to the point.

The reason that I haven’t picked up my camera this week is because I have been refining the designs of said evangelistic tracts. It hasn’t actually taken me that long but I haven’t done graphics since highschool (at least three years ago now, probably more) so I don’t have a lot of confidence in my work. Turns out they’re doable though. But they have taken up much of my time this week nonetheless.

And so, wrapping all that waffle up for you, I haven’t picked up my camera this week because I’ve been fine tuning the graphics for our tracts and contemplating the next move (Phase 2: Battle Plan). So apologies. However, this evangelistic experiment is the second part of my blog for this year. I’m going to try to document how it goes, where we succeed, where we fall flat on our faces and a unexpected (or expected) setbacks, responses, or roadblocks. Hopefully it will be helpful or encouraging for someone out there. The aim is to be honest and blunt but to share the journey in the hopes that someone out there will be helped or encouraged along the way.

Here’s to an exciting and frustrating year ahead. And to family. And to our (spiritual) baby.

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