Photo Challenge – Week 6 (and an apology)


Hi guys!

It has been a… I’m not sure how to sufficiently say it? It’s been a tough and tiring week will have to do. So I haven’t any photos for you and as you may have noticed, we’ve missed a week of the challenge but just take it as half term or something. I’m sure you can’t be too upset about it. Nevertheless I offer an apology for letting you down but it just wasn’t going to be any other way this week. If’ I’d had time and energy I would have posted to let you know so there you go. Things are settling though so let’s get back to business. It’s kind of ironic that last week’s theme was planned to be ‘sadness’ so feel free to do that if you want to catch up.

This week on the other hand, we have:

I like…

I won’t even get into love and like. If you are interested then watch this excellent Blimeycow video on the subject:

Have fun guys :)cropped-abstract-watercolour-art-painting-love-heart-12-by-emma-plunkett1.jpg



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