I Am Yefta


This is the testimony of a dear friend of mine, a young Mualang lad who is one of the most godly people I know. Some of the translation is a little clumsy but I hope it blesses you to read how God has changed and worked in him. TT-BORNEO I am Yefta. I live in a family which already knows God, starting with my late grandfather. I live in a family which is less than harmonious. In my family, I am the fourth of five children. From when we were young, my parents and the rest of the family taught spiritual things to me, all of which I took in. I was a naughtier child than my other siblings so it was fair enough that my parents were always angry with me…

Between my life when I was a young child until I was nearly a grown man, my spiritual life was sometimes good and sometimes bad because I did not yet truly know God. But when I began growing up, when I was sixteen years old, at that time I fell in love with someone… Yes, the Lord Jesus.

I had a spiritual older brother who was also a pastor in our church. He was really good to me, in fact every day he always told me about the Lord and I fell in love. Then in 2010, on the 25th of October, I received God as the Lord and Saviour in my life. For a month I felt happy with becoming a Christian but after that I returned again to become someone who followed sin.

In 2011, I entered SMA [Senior High School] and that year was truly terrible. I went motorbiking with my friends and we always skipped school, smoked, even once I went with my friends to people’s’ wedding parties and we drank at the house. That time it was nearly Christmas in 2011 and my friend was fed up with the wedding party.That wedding party was very lively and many people had come.

That night we went. We came to the party and we ate. After we ate, we listened to music. That night, I didn’t have permission from my parents to go to the party and it was actually illegal. After we listened to the music on the stage, maybe at 10pm, we went into the house and drank alcohol.

At first, it was just to try it but that night was very bad. I was heavily drunk and nearly unconscious. It was my first experience, and that night I forced myself to go home, falling and throwing up. No one, not even my friends, helped me that time. So in my heart [I said]:

‘It is better for me to die at home than to die here.’

That is what I said in my heart as I fell. To cut the story short, I went home that night without clothes and both of my parents were extremely angry with me to the point that my father didn’t want my apology.

Two days after this, I came to him and apologised and went with him to church. Until now, that experience has never been forgotten. I felt far from God at that time. And I was determined to leave my village and go to a place where everyone knows God. So in the month of July in 2011 – yes it was the 29th – I entered the ministry [Living Waters Village]. There I knew God. Yes, though sometimes I fall, I will still get up again.

And in the year 2013, in the first day of the first month at twenty-eight minutes past one in the morning, my father left this world. Before he passed away, he apologised to me. I really give thanks to God that he united our hearts again. When my father died, he held on to God’s promise. So there, in that place, his faith will become eternal together with God and these things my heart has said because I trust in Him.




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