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It’s been a while. How I’ve missed you.

Since I’m a little busy at the moment, I’ve decided to do something slightly different and share a playlist of things I’m listening to at the moment. I’ve done my best to include only one song from each artist and to go with songs and artists that you’re less likely to have come across. I hope you enjoy it and discover something new along the way.

Honorary Mentions

Tell Me a Story – Dodie Clark

She’s an ace uke player and this song is cute so I couldn’t leave it out:

Brass Goggles – Steam Powered Giraffe

The sheer creativity of these guys is great. Spine did a great cover of Diamonds at one point and Honeybee remains a favourite but I’m trying to include some more upbeat songs so Brass Goggles will give you a feel for the band. If you like them, try Abney Park. Steampunk is a cool concept, it’s just a shame about the culture surrounding it.

It’s Time – Lulu Antariksa (Imagine Dragons Cover)

It’s not the song, it’s her voice.

10. Josefin’s Waltz — Alastair Fraser and Natalie Haas

It’s a Swedish tune I love to play. Alastair is a good fiddle teacher but Natalie has been one of my musical heroes ever since I met her.


9. The Parting Glass — Peter Hollens

Apparently this is in Assassin’s Creed (a video game. . . ?) but it’s actually a traditional song. And it’s beautiful.



8. Stand By You — Rachel Platten

You probably know her for ‘Fight Song’ which is also not too shabby. I put this one in because it’s upbeat and a little unusual. I’m not aware of that many songs about faithfulness in the secular music industry (Cheerleader doesn’t count because even if you disagree that the words are objectifying women, the music video definitely is). It’s the lyric video here because one of her dresses in the music video is embarrassing and I love my brothers.


7. At the Table — Josh Garrels

See also ‘Farther Along’. I love the lyrics of this one, they’re beautiful. But sometimes he can be so lyrical that he’s incomprehensible. It was between this one and Jon Foreman’s Learning How to Die or possibly Caroline (one of my favourites to play on the uke). This one won because Farther Along was so popular a few years back.


6. Wings — Birdy

She shot to fame at fifteen(?) covering Bon Iver’s Skinny Love. Now many years later she’s still going strong. I’m realising I listen to so many melancholy sounding songs. Maybe sometime I’ll do an upbeat playlist for you. Until then, meet Birdy. If you like her, try Jillian Edwards’ Apologies.

5. Humble and Kind — Tyler Ward, Diamond, and KHS (Tim McGraw Cover)

So the lyrics aren’t perfect but the harmonies and the principle are both lovely.


4. O Come, O Come Emmanuel — BYU Vocal Point (Cover)

No, I’m not a Mormon. It’s just the arrangement, the build up, the harmonies, the way they capture the longing and hope. Oh boy! This song! They also did a beautiful rendition of a traditional song called ‘Homeward Bound’ (no, not the Simon and Garfunkel one).


3. Sirens — the Grey Havens

I discovered these guys recently. This isn’t actually my favourite song but I figured I’d share it because it is the story of all of our lives. The struggle with sin is real for all of us. Other good songs by Grey Havens include Band of Gold, Stole My Fame, Far Kingdom, and Train Station.


2. Jesus Saves — Grace Life Church of the Shoals

I got used to waking up to this on a Sunday morning and now I make a habit of listening to it each week. And during the week. Basically it could go on loop forever and I’d still love it. I’ve put the Muscle Shoals choir singing it rather than another version because I love Bro Tom’s ‘glory to your name’s and because that church will always be dear to me. The first time I heard this song was at the GBP annual conference and I’ve loved it ever since. I hope you do too.


1. Day by Day — Andrew Peterson

Day by Day because it’s upbeat but pretty much most things by Andrew Peterson (see also Slugs and Bugs by Randall Goodgame but maybe I’ll make a kids’ list too someday). His latest album, Burning Edge of Dawn is his best yet. Some of my favourites include The Rain Keeps Falling Down, You Came so Close, In the Night My Hope Lives On, The Alien Cheese Song, My Love Has Gone Across the Sea, Dancing in the Minefields, and The Good Confession. He wrote a series called the Wingfeather Saga which are (to my mind) classics although my copy of the first book has been pinched. Anyway, Day by Day:


I hope you enjoyed this little(?!) playlist and that you discovered something new. Let me know what you thought and share your own favourite songs!

3 thoughts on “Play On

  1. Al’s theme? “The Adventurer” by Ancient Future:
    or maybe Kate Rusby’s “Wandering Soul”:

    Find myself singing this as I potter about the cabin: Abney Park – Aether Shanty

    One for men of “a certain age” to dance to – when no-one is looking! “Stone Fox Chase” by Area Code 615:

    One for the melancholy moments – Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”:

    Silly, but fun – The Imagined Village “Space Girl”:

    Something different – sorry if the lyrics are rude on the next two, don’t speak Nog! Something very compelling about Scandi folk-rock…
    Hedningarna “Vargtimmen” (Hour of the Wolf, I think):
    Folque “Hjuringstev”:

    “We do both kinds of music here. Country AND Western…” Dixie Chicks “Wide Open Spaces”:

    Serious now.
    This makes my hair stand on end. Phil Keaggy “Maker of The Universe”:
    Like me sometimes; slow outside, soaring within. Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major:


    1. Would you like me to send you an admin request for the Museum of Exploration? They are planning an exhibition you might be interested in.


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