Advent Series

The year has gone by so fast and yet again we seem to be approaching Christmas far too quickly.

K.A. has been a bit higgledy-piggledy this year I’m afraid but despite not having a (theoretically) regular challenge each week as I have attempted in years past, it has been far more regular and actually far more enjoyable to write despite how busy the year has proved to be.

Incidentally, this is not a stock-taking post, that part was just a mildly tangential ramble because I wrote the first draft at 4am on my coffee break and I am now typing it up having been awake for the last twenty hours.

It feels like it has been a good year here at Kumquat Absurdium with a number of you guys reading regularly and even commenting(!) from time to time which is more encouraging than you know.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Christmas and feeling really rather daunted by how unprepared I feel about it all. Then it occurred to me (yesterday on my lunch break at 2am) that it might be nice to do a wee series in the lead up to Christmas.

So in anticipation of the coming King, I’m going to be looking at a bunch of people in the Old Testament who help us to understand why Christ came.

Each day we’ll take a person and a passage (or two) and I’ll even include a bonus song and we’ll look at what the people/passage might be able to tell us about why Jesus came. Sure, it might sound cheesy or even a little patronising but sometimes I know that I grow too familiar with the gospel and forget how much I love the mystery of God made man.

So join me if you will. I’m planning on learning lots along the way and some days will be better than others.. I hope it helps us to lose some of the jaded cynicism that accompanies grownup Christmas. Instead may we wake on Christmas morning with joy in our hearts and wonder in our voices as we cry He is come at last!

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