1. Adam: Coming for the Fallen

Genesis 3; Romans 5.12-21

Isn’t it beautiful that even before the Fall happened the Father, Son, and Spirit had sealed their plans for mankind’s redemption. Has it crossed your mind as you read Genesis 1, that wonderful account of creation and God then calling it all ‘good’ that even as all this was happening it had already been decided that a baby would be born thousands of years later into a broken world and that baby would be God himself, the one even now flinging galaxies across the heavens?

Maybe it’s just the way my mind works but it gets to me. Even as he parted the waters he knew and he hadn’t even made man yet.

That wasn’t how I intended to start, I just got a little excited.

You have here the story of the Fall. It’s a piece of history that every Christian needs to be familiar with because without it, we can shift the blame for the way things are off of ourselves and onto God or genetics or social conditioning or just pure chance. Take your pick.

Anyone who has known me for any great length of time will have heard me blaming Eve for things, whether it’s a stubbed toe, ISIS, or some great personal tragedy. Though this phrase usually serves as an attempt to make light of the situation, it also reminds us that the root of our suffering can be found in Eden.

Adam and Eve were disobedient to God and as a result, death came into the world and with it pain and mankind was separated from God.

Although the consequences of the Fall are more serious than we realise and more painful than oftentimes we can express, God’s designs are never easily foiled. In fact they’re never foiled at all.

In order to crush the serpent as he promised in Genesis 3, and restore us to spiritual life and a healthy relationship with himself, he gave us Christmas. More specifically, God gave us Jesus.

Where we turned our backs on him in the Garden, he came in person to get us back. Where Adam, the representative of mankind failed miserably (as all of us would have done in his place) Jesus succeeded. He kept God’s commands perfectly and never yielded to temptation.

The whole world fell through Adam but he points forwards to another who would represent us, Jesus.

So why is he coming? Because mankind fell and was separated from God. Because something needs to be done about this terrible mess we’ve got ourselves into.

He is coming for the fallen.

Today’s song: How Good is the God We Adore


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