2. Noah: Coming in Mercy

Genesis 6-8; Hebrews 11.7

Noah’s a funny story. In the odd rather than the ha-ha way. I used to like it as a child because it had rainbows and doves and a whole pile of animals.

We were working through Hebrews in church when I first discovered that the story had anything to do with the gospel. Jesus isn’t pictured in Noah, the saviour of the animals. He’s not even the rainbow, a picture of God’s promise.

He’s the ark.

Yesterday we talked briefly about the Fall being the reason that Jesus had to come into the world but that doesn’t really make sense without a little explanation. Hopefully it will become clearer as we go.

Death and pain are consequences of our disobedience to God but so is God’s anger. We disobeyed the creator of the universe, he has every right to be angry with us and because he is also just, he must punish the wrong.

This puts us in a rather terrifying situation, just like Noah.

With Noah, man’s sin meant that God was planning to flood the whole earth and destroy it.

Here God steps in with an act of undeserved mercy: he tells Noah to build an ark.

By faith Noah did just that and it became the vessel of his salvation.

Christ is our ark.

God is rightly angry. He is just and so he has to punish the wrong we have committed but he is also merciful and provides a way out by faith. That ark in which we must rest was born in the backwater town of Bethlehem and put to sleep in a feeding trough for want of a proper bed.

God became man and was born helpless and poor so that we can be saved from God’s wrath by trusting in him.

So why is he coming? Because God is merciful.

Today’s Song: Deliver Us (Andrew Peterson)

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