5. Isaac: Coming as the Sacrifice

Genesis 22.1-18; John 3.16; Hebrews 11.17-19

On Saturday (day three), Abraham was promised that through his son he would father a nation through whom all the nations would be blessed. Now God is telling him to kill that son.

It would be easy to see this as a rather cruel demand on God’s part whether Isaac was the child of promise or not and if we were atheists, we’d probably use this story to prove God malicious, at least in our own eyes.

The worst part about it is that Abraham goes along with it. He’s not exactly clocking up the sanity points as he takes Isaac up the mountain, ties him up, and actually gets to the moment before the knife comes down. He’s committed to killing hiss son, the miracle baby remember, the son who was supposed to have as many descendants as there are stars.

Try seeing that through an unbeliever’s eyes for a moment. How can God promise something then order the death of the one who he says he’ll use to fulfill that promise?

What was Abraham thinking?!

He was thinking that if God was asking this of him then evidently he was planning to bring the boy back from the dead. Otherwise Isaac’s cruel death would prove God a liar.

Instead God stopped him and provided a ram in Isaac’s place.

There’s so much to say about this story from the test of Abraham to how Isaac is a picture of us, sentenced to death but saved by a lamb, but our question is about why Jesus came.

Another element of this story is Isaac as a picture of Jesus. Sort of like Abraham, God was willing to sacrifice his own son. Unlike Isaac, Jesus was not saved in the nick of time by the appearance of an offering. He was the offering.

In order for the nations of the world to be blessed, Isaac had to live. So did Jesus. But just as Abraham believed that God could raise Isaac, he did raise Jesus. We’ll talk about that tomorrow though.

Not only was Jesus the great High Priest, he was also the sacrifice. He offered himself so that we might be forgiven our sin and made right with God.

Just as an aside, bear in mind that when God asks you to give your life to him, he is never asking any more than he has already given. How could he when he has given all?

So why did Jesus come? Because he alone is the perfect sacrifice.

Today’s Song: Jesus Paid It All

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