7. Moses: Coming as Shepherd

Exodus 3; John 10.1-18; Psalm 23

 The Prince of Egypt was a beautiful film to me as a child. I highly recommend watching it despite the scoffing of the church kids at its inaccuracy. All I wish to say is that the score, the script, the casting, and the percentage of trueness to life far outranks God’s Not Dead and *insert title of absolutely any Kendrick brothers film ever made*. Anyway, it wasn’t until much later that I understood how major a character Moses is in history.

This had to be one of the hardest advent posts to write, now because I’m struggling to find something to say bit because I’m struggling to decide which of many aspects to choose from. There are astounding correlations between the lives of Jesus and Moses and many of the events in Moses life tell is something of the gospel to come but in light of the fact that we just looked at how Christ is not only the High Priest but the sacrificial lamb, we’re going to look at how he’s not only the lamb but the Shepherd.

Moses was in fact an actual shepherd for a while. It was during that stint in the back of beyond that he came across the burning bush and God called him to go lead the Israelites.

Getting them out of Egypt was hard enough without having to then lead them across the desert (complaining all the way) to the very edge of the Promised Land. By God’s grace and with God’s help he did it though, he brought them, uncooperative but safe within sight of the land… only to have to lead them round in circles in the wilderness for the next forty years because of their disobedience.

Don’t kid yourself that you’re any better than the Israelites because you’re not and neither am I. None of us are. We live in this perpetual cycle of not trusting God, he brings us back, we repent and follow him, then we disobey again. We all, like sheep, have gone astray.

Moses led Israel, kept them together, and kept them safe on the right path. Jesus does the same for his church though we are prone to wander.

Time and time again, like Israel, we start to grumble and to stray because we believe that we know better and that the grass is greener somewhere else but time and time again the Shepherd leads us back. He takes care of us in the wilderness of this life, leading us ever onwards toward the promise of the next.

So why is Jesus coming? He’s coming as a shepherd to his people.

Today’s song: Psalm 23 (Stuart Townend version)

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