10. David: Coming as King

Psalm 18; 1 Samuel 18.7-9; 19.10-11; 2 Samuel 12, 15

We all know David for his heroic defeat of the slightly intimidating giant Goliath but his trials didn’t end there.

Saul grew jealous of David’s popularity, so jealous that he planned to kill him. He then spent the rest of his life chasing David around trying to destroy him. Once Saul died (and sadly David’s best friend died at the same time), the new king is stupid enough to bring further trouble on himself (2 Samuel 12). Once Absalom his son was grown up, he tried to take the throne, forcing his father to go on the run once again (2 Samuel 15). But Absalom was killed, to David’s sorrow, and even in his old age another son, Adonijah, was trying to take the throne.

In summary, we think of David as the shepherd boy turned king, hero of Israel, and man after God’s own heart. In reality he was all of these things, it just wasn’t as easy as it sounds. It was a long, hard, sometimes tedious journey from Samuel anointing him to his kingdom being established, a journey filled with danger, betrayal, and heartbreak.
Here’s the thing though; David was established as king and the kingdom was given to him. God had promised it would be so and despite all the difficulties David (or any of us) pass through, God’s will cannot be thwarted.

Jesus too came as king but like David, he faced many seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

He was conceived out of wedlock and born without a proper home. Soon after he was forced to flee to Egypt because the king was trying to kill him. When he finally returned, he must have lost his earthly father at some point because Joseph doesn’t really appear again. Jesus also had to go through all of the regular trials of growing up and when he began his ministry, he spent the first forty days in the wilderness being tempted by Satan. He then had numerous people following him around in search of a good show and to add to that he spent the whole time travelling and was constantly under fire from the religious authorities’ who wanted to kill hin and were eventually allowed to succeed.

Looking great for the king wasn’t it?

But Satan got too comfortable too soon and he who sits enthroned in the heavens took up his life once more, just as he had laid it down.

David went through a lot in his life. He wasn’t the most likely king not only in terms of origin but in also in terms of opposition. Yet God fulfilled his promise to David not only to make him king but that there would be a king from his line who would reign forever. That king also endured much, came from an unlikely background, and battled humanly impossible opposition. Now he reigns from heaven, proving God to be faithful and true.

So why is Jesus coming? Because he is king.

Today’s Song: Hark the Herald Angels Sing

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