This week has been very busy and will only get busier (I have an essay due Thursday but I’m working the next two nights so I need to get it done today). So instead of writing a full on post, here are some more little snippets from my notebook. They are not necessarily true, they are just odd little bits and pieces that refuse to stay inside my head until I can do something with them.

Enjoy. Take them as writing prompts if you like.

x     x     x

It was so cold that morning that the mist did not rise, leaving us shrouded in the city’s breath.

x     x     x

I realised with a smile that it would not be the reading and the writing and the quiet evening high street that I would miss. Rather it would be the many voices, both paper and flesh, which provoked me to discomfort and pruned my mind, training it to blossom in ways I had never imagined.

x     x     x

The scenery was stunning but she was taking a photo of the sleeping child across the table. I suppose it made sense.

Capture the fleeting, dear woman, the mountains will long outlast your daughter’s smile.

x     x     x

The house was in good nick but I could tell that the home was broken.

x     x     x

My mind remembered the music but my muscles were slower to follow.

x     x     x

It was not the ending I had expected nor the goodbye I had anticipated, but though I was sad, I was satisfied. I did not look back down that familiar road but let the bonds of once-friendship lie still on the damp tarmac.

x     x     x

“It must end somewhere after all.”

‘But I’m not ready.’

“We rarely are.”

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