Midweeks on Mute: The Whistler

There was a girl in my class in highschool who had an NHS issue hearing aid. This was way back in 2006 when they were those chunky monstrosities, the same colour as fabric plasters. I felt sorry for her because it was so clunky and obvious and from time to time our RE teacher would shout at the class because it would whistle loudly and she was convinced that we were winding her up. It embarrassed the girl every time and although she wasn’t very kind, I felt a little sorry for her, never expecting that it was something I’d ever worry about.

For those of us who cringed under that piercing sound whether from grandmas or classmates, when our own time comes to get fitted up and kitted out, we might well worry about these awkward whistling episodes.

The technology has improved significantly in the past decade. Put your mind to rest, it’s going to be ok.

Your hearing aid rarely whistles unless you cover it awkwardly (like leaning your head in your hand) or by lying on it or putting headphones over it or something along those lines. Even when it does, it might sound loud to you but people rarely hear it unless they’re sitting right beside you. It’s not a whistle now either so much as a weird noise that sounds a bit like the Doctor Who Theme tune.

So don’t worry! Whistling is rare and can pretty much be avoided. If your hearing aid is whistling a lot, there might be a problem with it, you’d be best getting it checked.

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