Midweeks on Mute: Syncopated Beats

It never ceases to astound me how many people seem to permanently wear their earphones. Nowadays, ‘I love music’ doesn’t mean that you play an instrument or take delight in mixing tracks, singing in choirs, and writing new tunes for old songs. It’s more likely to denote an addiction to Spotify.

Not that there’s anything wrong in listening to music. Music has always been a bi part of my life, playing and listening and so when the suggestion of a hearing aid was made, there were two things that crossed my mind:

  • I guess all those pairs of earphones weren’t broken after all.
  • How am I supposed to listen to music if I have a thing in my ear?

No one likes that one person who is always blaring their music in the street or on the bus and it’s so inconsiderate to the people that you live with to be constantly playing your tunes loudly so what’s a person to do?

My loss is only unilateral so I can get away with only wearing one earphone for music when I’m out and about and just rolling with the lectures from random people about how it’s not good for you. You have another option: a good set of headphones (earphones sit in your ears, headphones sit over them).

*Another option is a bluetooth hearing aid like the one recently patented by Apple but they only work with certain models and probably cost quite a bit. Bide your time, they may become standard eventually.*

Back to the headphones.

Now, putting headphones on over your hearing aid may make it whistle but I discovered that if you adjust them so that they sit slightly below where the section that sits behind your ear (covering the tube but not the bit with the microphone in it) then it’s less of a problem. The music never sounds as good as with natural hearing but it’s a fair compromise if you want to listen to music without disturbing anyone. It’s worth a try.

Playing musical instruments is a whole other subject but hopefully we’ll come to that.

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