Midweeks on Mute: A Case of the Jack Sparrows

You probably already know that your hearing can affect your balance. It’s all quite interesting really and you can find out more here. If you didn’t know: hearing can affect your balance which is why you can end up with the wobbles when you have a cold or an ear infection. The question is:

Will a hearing aid help my balance?

Your body uses sight, touch, and sound to keep you balanced and sometimes if there’s something wrong with one of the senses it can cause problems. It’s not the only cause of balance problems, just one of them. Try standing on one leg without holding on and then doing the same thing with your eyes closed. It’s harder the second time because your brain doesn’t have the visuals to help.

Before I had a hearing aid, even when I wasn’t having episodes of spinning vision and a general Jack Sparrow-esque gait (at least, it felt that way), I found it quite difficult to walk in straight lines if the lighting was poor. Walking up the stairs in the dark with things in my hands was my worst nightmare.

I guess, once more, that it will depend on the type and severity of your hearing loss but I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my balance since I got Dana. I don’t need the light on to handle the stairs for example, and I can walk along kerbs and the tops of walls with less wobbling.

So your answer is a definite maybe. Have a look at the link above to find out more about how your ears and your balance are connected and I hope you find that you too have fewer episodes of the Jack Sparrows.

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