Day 1: Beginning

ἀρχή — arche

1. The commencement of something as an action, process, or state of being: beginning.
2. The one with whom the process begins: beginning

Once upon a time is too vague a start for this tale, it has no such abstract beginnings.

The Bible opens at the very beginning of all things, it’s as far back in time as we can go without stepping over the edge altogether and into eternity. In the beginning, God is (just as he always is, was, and will be) and in the beginning there was already a plan, full and complete and ready to be carried out.

And so the story began, innocent and pure and the world could not have anticipated the darkness, despair, and steadfast hope, the soul depths and the heights of love that were yet to come.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. In the quiet of that first moment, the Beginning of all things hovers over the dace of the deep and it is to that Beginning we shall soon turn.

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