Day 3: Light

φῶς — light

  1. Light in contrast to darkness: light
  2. That which gives/bears light: light, lamp lantern

Light is such a strange phenomenon, it has long been a source of fascination. This odd occurrence was first called into being way back towards the beginning of things.

Reflecting on it, God is light; in him there is no darkness and he himself is the source of the dispelling of the dark. This initial creative act seems to have been a physical picture of what he would later do for us, a symbol of what was yet to come.

We need light for life — on so many levels. Without it, we would be unhealthy, food cannot be grown, we would be unable to see, and we would be unable to live. Spiritually speaking as well, where there is no light there is no sight and there can be no life.

And so God created light and then he created life and it was good. So it would continue to be good (as he did say so himself) and it would continue to prevail at a word from its source.

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