Day 4: Life

ζωή — zoe

Both of physical (present) and spiritual (particularly future) existence: life

The story begins to emerge as God creates light and then follows it with something even more miraculous and inexplicable: life. First he makes the plants, then the fish and birds, then the animals before, finally, the crowning being.

God took some dust and made man. This was not an additional, slightly more intelligent species to keep things interesting, this was a being made in the image and likeness of God. Once done, the Living God breathed life into man’s lungs. Later, he made a woman too and with these new lives, creation was no longer just good, it was very good.

We were created by God for light and life. It’s the picture of perfect happiness as man glorifies God as they live in the paradise he has created for them, doing what he created them to do.

It would be so nice if we could leave the story there but we can’t. That’s not even the start of it.

A shadow was looming over Eden.

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