Day 5: Sin

ἁμαρτία — hamartia

  1. Error, a wrong state of mind or soul: sin
  2. ‘Failing to do what God commands: sin

There was only one rule in the perfect paradise; Adam and Eve could eat anything except the fruit of one particular tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

So came Lucifer (as a serpent), once an angel but it had not been enough for him. Instead, he wanted to be God but it was a foolish desire and he fell so very far and wanted to take all of God’s creation with him. He came to the woman and poke to her, reasonably, amicably, persuasively, until she wondered if God really did say… and in her heart, the thought caught and kindled into a desire to be like her Master.

She ate of the fruit and gave it to the man and he ate.

It left a bitter, but soon to be familiar taste on their tongues, sin. They had disobeyed their Creator and they knew it. What had once been a beautiful day became one of the darkest in human history.

Then they heard it: God had come walking in the garden.

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