Day 12: Age

αἰών — aion

An age, especially of the present age as contrasted with the future age, and one of a series of ages stretching into infinity: an age, a cycle (of time).

Centuries passed. Empires rose and fell. God chose for himself a people who found themselves in an endless cycle of disobedience, punishment, repentance, restoration, and obedience, periodically crying out for salvation from more than just their earthly enemies.

Empires rose and fell with the turning of the years until eventually God fell silent altogether.

Had the hero given up on his plan of salvation? Had Israel made him angry for the final time? Had he (reasonably) decided to throw the towel in with wayward humanity?

Do not fear, he was keeping his promise. All down the years he told us time after time that he would save us. But he had an appointed time for his plan to come to fruition, down to the very moment. And all those years, that time was not yet.

But it was coming, approaching like a speeding freight train.

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