Day 14: Christ

Χριστός — Christos

  1. Used first in the sense of the king, anointing being the outward sign of his appointment to kingship: the anointed.
  2. The expected King of Israel, to be appointed by God as his vice regent. A rare verbal form of χρίω (‘I anoint’): the anointed, the Messiah.

As Jesus grew up, he grew in wisdom and grace as well as in height, constantly surprising those around him with his knowledge of Scripture and the authority with which he spoke.

Throughout his ministry, the question constantly arose: who is this guy? Until eventually one of his followers comes out and says it: ‘You are the Christ.’

As the fantastical tale of salvation begins to rise toward its climax, a hero steps forwards. If the circumstances of his birth were unusual, his identity is quite simply shocking: this man, Jesus, is God himself made man.

But that’s not the half of it.

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