The Switch

**I know this is breaking up the advent series but I read this today and it woke me up. It compliments the series nicely and is a much needed reminder.**

Christian and Creative

It should’ve been me.

              Those are the haunting words etched into your skull when destinies alter and someone else’s life is cut short. They were sitting in your seat when the bullet was fired. They leapt in the icy waters and pulled you out. They saw the exchange of deaths, they didn’t see—either way, long after the event occurs, the idea lingers. It should’ve been me.

              Or maybe it never happened. You sat in your seat and the trigger was never pulled. The ice never broke through. You go through the motions and see no alternate destiny, so your life leaves no haunting trail of an idea.

Except their was a switching of destinies, wasn’t there? Certainly it was planned from the beginning, but even so, it should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve been you had there not been a most glorious switch between you and the most glorious One…

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