Day 21: Without Excuse

ἀναπολόγητος — anapologetos

Without grounds for defense: indefensible, inexcusable.

But this incredible grace, this salvation, is not an opt-out system. Non one can be indifferent to the gospel, you are all in or you are all out. There is no fence.

Just as there is no fence, neither is there an excuse. Creation cries out that there is a God, eternity has been set in your heart, you know that man is made in his image, and you know by your conscience that there is a set moral standard in the universe.

If you aren’t a Christian and this doesn’t worry you, it should. You are not indifferent to God, no matter what you think, you are bitterly opposed to him. And you will not be able to stand before him on the last day (as we all must) and claim that you never knew. You are without excuse.

But you are not without escape.

Christ died for us while we were still sinners, bearing the punishment we deserved. You have no defense for your rebellion but if you repent of it and put your trust in Christ to save you from God’s wrath, you will find peace with him and forgiveness from him.

Right now, you have no excuse, but the day is rapidly approaching when you will no longer have any time either.

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