Day 23: Church

ἐκκλησία — ekklesia

The assembly of Christians in one city or community: Lit. a calling out but also church, congregation, community.

It’s not good for man to be alone — and in more than just the sense of marriage. When Christians do not have other believers around them, they become discouraged and doubtful.

God, knowing how fragile the morale of his people is, gave us one another to teach, to build up, and to rebuke as necessary. This gift comes in a beautiful little package called the local church.

He gave us his Spirit to help us but he also gave the local church. He knows that the devil is like a prowling lion looking for who he can devour and he knows that his people are more easily picked off when they’re on their own.

We are given one another in the local church for a reason — God knows what’s best for us. And if we love him, we’ll love his body too. Where else can we hear and learn to live out the gospel and find (and give!) the strength and encouragement to keep living for Christ? Solitary faith is a deadly path.

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