Day 24: Kingdom

βασιλεία — basileia

The rule of God both in the world and in the hearts of men: kingdom, sovereignty, authority, rule.

And so to this day we fight on — together — his people, the Church. The Son of God goes forth to war and we shall go forth with him, knowing that the battle is won; won before time began; won before the birth of a squawking baby; won in the sacrifice of God become man; won in an unjust death; won in the broken grip of the grave; won as he sits enthroned, his work completed.

And there he sits, ruling. His kingdom is being established and one day soon he’ll be back in glory and triumph and the fight will be no more.

The Great Hero of the Epic Saga of Grace, having been abominably wronged and yet planned and sacrificed in order to save his enemies while they were still trying to bring about his downfall, will at last have the glory, honour, and praise that is due to him as the whole world bows.

The plan formed in eternity and played out upon the bitter stage of this broken earth shall at last come to perfect fruition and our hero, victorious, shall make all things new.

And with that I go back to the baby. This is the One. Infant though he be now, he is this great God, our God, and he has become our strength and our salvation. Don’t let the chubby cheeks fool you.

Merry Christmas!

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