Why Feminists Can’t Support Transgenderism

* For the sake of disclosure, I’m not a feminist (in case it’s not obvious)*

Universal Films’ 2003 movie, Peter Pan, was one of my favourites (I was only eight or so when it came out). There was a scene in it that was pretty thrilling as a child, the one in which Tinkerbell is dying.

It’s all because Hook has the Lost Boys (and Wendy) tied up on his ship and has put a dastardly plan in place to poison Peter. Tinkerbell, sorry for betraying him, stops him from drinking the tainted medicine, downing it herself instead and dying. Peter, in his grief, begins to say over and over again ‘I do believe in fairies’, louder and louder until all of the other children begin to shout it too and the pirates cannot silence them.

Even Mr Darling (in the middle of a serious meeting at the bank), the grouchy aunt (warbling away to herself in the tub), and the ridiculous Mr Smee find themselves proclaiming their belief in fairies until it all climaxes in Tink coming back to life in a puff of magic.

Heartwarming, isn’t it, the power of belief to make something come true? That’s not how it works in the real world though, which is why it thrills us in fiction. Someone else was trying the trick more recently:

God bless Twitter for giving us 240 characters, people still have nothing to say — they can just say it in twice as many words.

Here’s the thing, it was sweet in Peter Pan, if a little cheesy but only, like I said, because it’s fantasy. We all know (in theory) that in the real world, repeating something can’t make it any less false than the first time you said it, no matter how loud and how many people join in.

I guess not everyone got that memo. Just like they never got the memo that we’ve all got to grow up sometime. Let’s be honest, it’s an excruciatingly silly tweet to begin with so why not just roll your eyes and move on?

Planned Parenthood can (and obviously does) say what it likes, we all know they have no morals. The devastating thing was the reactions to the tweet, applauding its audacity, its tolerance, its concern for the health of men who think they are women or women who think they are men (it’s not clear) without stopping to consider that this isn’t actually all that consistent with their feminist outlook. If there’s one thing it’s difficult to respect, it’s a willfully inconsistent, not-at-all-thought-through but incredibly pushy worldview.

So what’s the big deal about PP saying some men have a uterus (several times in case you were too much of a fundamentalist conservative transphobe to get it into your shuttered mind the first time)?


A quick note on PP before we get to their feminist following. I promise this is as callous as it gets, but think about it: PP are one of the biggest abortion providers in the States, they make a lot from killing kids and selling their body parts. We already know this.

So of course they’re going to be all for men being able to have children too. Basic biology aside, you’re going to find them supporting womb transplants because if men can get pregnant, Planned Parenthood isn’t going to be in support of all those (theoretical) bundles of joy that will be appearing, they’re rubbing their hands at the prospect of all those potential abortions.

That’s the bloody, brutal pragmatic bit over but you’ve got to say it. Now to the ridiculous.

Gender Appropriation

There has been a fair amount of outrage over the last little while about racial appropriation. Most obvious was the case of Rachel Dolezal, an American civil rights activist and former instructor of Africana Studies. She claimed to be black but after claims of hate crimes against her (which proved to be false anyway) were investigated, it transpired she was white and her ancestry contradicted her claims to be African American. She faced a lot of backlash as a result but her band of loyal followers defended her case, saying her racial identity is genuine, it’s just not based on biology or ancestry. It’s completely true, it’s just not based on the undeniable facts.

Now, Rachel Dolezal’s case was only pushing things to their logical conclusion, an extreme story, but here are some less significant controversies featuring celebrities that got slammed for cultural appropriation:

  • Selena Gomez wore a bindi in a music video.
  • Iggy Azalea uses the wrong accent when rapping.
  • Ireland Baldwin dressed up as a native American for Halloween.
  • Lady Gaga’s burqa song was somewhat bizarre regardless.
  • Johnny Depp was cast as Tonto in the 2013 Lone Ranger (interestingly an actual native American actor was cast for the role in the 1949 movie).

Here’s the point to the apparent tangent: why is it an outrage for Rachel Dolezal to overuse tanning salons and frizz her hair but Bruce Jenner can overdose on hormone pills and totter around in heels and he wins the Woman of the Year Award? Johnny Depp can’t be cast as anyone not his nationality but Richard Raskind can don a dress because he calls himself Renee now.

Do you see the objection? Cultural appropriation is unacceptable to the point that my little brother, being British, shouldn’t be getting cast as an American in his stage productions but where he shouldn’t be wearing a toga in Up Pompeii,  he may wear a skirt to college (if he wanted to) and everyone would have to say that he was terribly brave to be true to himself.

If the liberals were consistent in their worldview, they’d have to understand that you must permit (and celebrate) both or neither. If my Indian friends have the right to be outraged if they saw me in a sari, then surely I have the right to be offended when I see men playing dress-up and women acting butch. Both are a matter of biology and physical fact, I have no more eastern heritage than my mother has male DNA. It has no more to do with how you feel than your age does.

To say that a man may have a uterus is the most extreme form of gender appropriation, just as it is to say that a woman can become a man (there are other ways to word it but let’s not be crass). I don’t get to claim I’m Spanish because I like their food and am all for afternoon naps any more than you get to claim that you’re the opposite gender because it makes you feel better about yourself.

Oppression of a Most Sinister Kind

Perhaps Planned Parenthood’s money-grubbing dreams of murder weren’t the most sinister part after all.

Feminists these days believe that men have oppressed us (that would be womankind) for centuries. They have withheld rights, undervalued us, seen us only as objects of pleasure, abused us, refused or taken from us what was rightfully ours — to name just a few of their crimes. I have a lot of questions for the patriarchy and would love to sit down with them and have a chat on a whole range of subjects. Sadly, I have never yet been able to locate even a local branch of their offices to make an inquiry.

Here’s my thesis though (getting back to the point), you cannot realistically be a feminist and support transgenderism. Don’t choke on your latte now.

Why not? Because it’s the ultimate in double-think. There’s that word think again. Work it through.

In today’s feminism, women need to be more empowered and men, in general, are the bad guys. With this in mind, a feminist cannot be true to her beliefs and still support women who are trying to become men. It is admitting defeat and joining the ranks of the oppressors to do so. If you want to truly empower women (whatever that means) encouraging them to be men is probably not your answer. In fact, it’s definitely not. Teaching them to embrace their (God-given) biological identity and teaching them what true womanhood is will get you much further than encouraging them to sign up to the ranks of the very patriarchy they are supposed to be rebelling against (again, if anyone has an address they could give me, I’d appreciate it).

On the other hand, the true feminist cannot support the attempts of a man to make himself a woman either. After all these centuries of being downtrodden and maligned, chained to stoves and sinks, there was one thing that was all our own: our womanhood. But now they’re even trying to take that and claim it or themselves.

And have you seen these men? Their surgery has cut them to be buxom, curvy, silky-haired, high cheekboned goddesses. Funnily enough, they’re carving themselves into what men think a beautiful woman looks like. Feminists, how can you support men who are surgically altering themselves to pass as women and end up looking so much more glamorous and sexier than the real-life female. They’re stealing our appearance and wearing it the way you’ve always kicked against them forcing on us natural women. If that’s not a cunning scheme from the devious minds at Patriarchal HQ then I don’t know what is.

But there’s the bit that well and truly makes me nauseous, and to make this point, we need to circle back round to PP Kentucky’s childish social media feed.

Some men have a uterus.

I have a question: Thousands of years of biological experience will help you realise that men can’t actually grow one of these themselves so where exactly do you think they come from?

Planned Parenthood provides ‘reproductive health’ care and they just twigged a whole new source of revenue.

Are today’s feminists seriously willing to allow men to harvest their organs so that they can be ‘true to who they are’? Because that’s where science is trying to go.

Not to be funny, but if this isn’t Patriarchal Oppression (TM), I don’t know what is. If I had their contact details, I would write them a strongly worded letter.

Whether the donation of said uterus would be voluntary or not is completely irrelevant, you’d be handing over an important body part to a man who can’t even use it in order to sustain his delusions. And if you aren’t willing to donate your own, you cannot think it’s alright for Someone Else to.

So, you see, you can’t be a feminist and support the transgender movement. The gender appropriation involved and the perpetuation of violent oppression (cutting you open to take parts is not exactly clean and painless) encouraged by it is horrific. Feminism cannot be consistent in its worldview and faithful to its ideology and still support transgenderism.

Even PP’s own tweet betrayed the truth that transitioning is purely cosmetic because no men have a uterus. Some women, under the impression they are men, have a uterus and some men who have convinced themselves that they are women are hoping to one day acquire one but no men actually have a uterus of their own.

Maybe one day I’ll deal with the theology behind all that I’ve just said but for now, the Left need to go have a wee seat and think (there’s that word again) long and hard about what they believe and how they should behave in light of that. Perhaps they might even consider aiming for a little more consistency and actually thinking things through before they shoot their mouths off on social media.

Here’s hoping.

I would wish you a happy International Women’s Day but apparently gender is a social construct.


2 thoughts on “Why Feminists Can’t Support Transgenderism

  1. Finally someone speaking common knowledge! I would thankyou for being brave enough to say these controversial things, but it seems to me to be common sense! If people from the past read this , I am sure they would wonder why this has been posted – isn’t it obvious? Apparently modern day society doesn’t have the brains that the allegedly ‘less intelligent, less far on technology wise’ people had to understand the human body. Soon it seems when we give birth to a child we allegedly will have no idea of its gender!
    Anyway, thankyou for speaking out, hopefully some very confused modern day citizens will read this post and will realise the stupidity of the ‘feminist’ movement.


    1. It is pretty silly really. The problem isn’t so much stupidity as it is that our culture isn’t encouraging people to think things through or form a consistent worldview (quite the opposite!). Feminism has done a lot of harm to us but transgenderism is following close on its heels. I’m glad this encouraged you, I know that people are thinking it anyway so it should really be said (though I’m sure there are others out there who can say it better), I’m not brave particularly, I just don’t have time for nonsense :) May I recommend a podcast series called ‘Sheologians’, hosted by Summer White and Joy Temby. It’s easy to find if you google it but there’s a link on my ‘Other Useful Places’ page too. Thank you for your encouraging comment!

      Liked by 1 person

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