Odds and Sods

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening wherever you are!*

It’s an oddly warm, muggy sort of day here and I’m slightly worried about the moorhen that has made its nest on some rocks in the middle of the river on the way home from work. She’s a sweet little thing but the nest is very close to the water and if it rains as heavily as predicted this weekend, I’m concerned that her eggs (I caught a glimpse of five or so) might get swept away. It’s not a big thing really, they aren’t an endangered species at all but it’s a very sad thing. When I say that I’m pro-life, it’s predominantly in regard to human life (being made in the image of God and all) but not exclusively so, I have a lot of time for animals too and have been known to rescue plants on occasion. Anyway, you can’t rescue every waif and stray, I only hope that little moorhen knew what she was doing (and hope that it doesn’t rain).

Today sneaked up on me somewhat, I’m a little unprepared but time seems to be making up the rules as it goes along at the moment.

Ireland Referendum

I did want to respond to the referendum results in Ireland but, to be frank, just watch some of the videos of the Pro-deathers celebrating their victory and it’ll honestly stun you. I mean, how are you supposed to respond to these women eating abortion pills (which is illegal but they weren’t even arrested never mind charges) to celebrate? And what do you say to these women that are on the news weeping with joy because they did it ‘for their children and their grandchildren’? They aren’t going to have any after the law is passed.

Their entire attitude tells you everything you need to know about their mindset. Welcome to depravity in practice. I came across a post the other day by a woman gloating about her lifestyle because while ‘you’ are sitting at your kid’s baseball game (read: wasting your life on kids), she and her partner (female) are spending weekends on Hawaiian beaches without children getting in the way (the actually phrase might have been ‘dragging us down’ but you get the picture).

These people do not care about any life but their own and they certainly don’t value family but that can be a discussion for another day. The point is that the response to the alleged victory in Ireland was enough to stun anyone who remotely values life to tears. There are plenty of people out there who have written excellent responses and I’ll leave the eloquence to them. There is a time for words. Now is not my time. There is a time for tears and this is it.

Note: the fight doesn’t end at the referendum. It carries on. As many children as possible must be saved: in Ireland, in America, in the UK, anywhere where their systematic slaughter is permitted. Euthanasia will be next. Pro-life means we should care from conception to final breath. Watch this space.

The Duck Principle and a New(ish) Project

A friend of mine bought me duck earrings for my birthday and I absolutely love them, not only because they are cute but because of something my dad used to (and still does) say. He has described our family as being like a swan: calm and put together on the surface but pedalling like crazy underneath so it doesn’t get swept away. The principle works with ducks too and these earrings weirdly remind me to keep calm and hustle.

The point being, I do feel as though I have been neglecting KA a fair amount in the last few months. Towards the beginning of the year, it was personal health and some other things that I’ll keep close to my chest, thanks, but it’s also that I’ve been working on some pretty big stuff behind the scenes. It’s been quiet on the surface but there has been a lot going on.

The one that may be of interest to you is that I have been working at building my author website, email list, and Instagram account. None of them are live yet but I have been creating a lot of graphics and batch creating posts for that with the aim of having it up and running by August. If I can create and stockpile content then I can schedule it to go out and that leaves some breathing space so that I’m not running two blogs every week and can spend a little more time on KA than I have been. The aim is to have the content scheduled 3-6 months in advance but responses to comments, emails, etc will be personal.

Thankfully, this has not led to burnout because the more I write, the more I can write and the more I need to write. Creative juices don’t come from a bottle but a spring. That being said, tiredness and illness have been somewhat of a setback, as well as busyness in other, more important church stuff.

I’m quite excited really. The project has gained a lot more traction and support than I expected. Having said that, there is something you can do to help. If you have two minutes to spare, I’d love if you could complete a survey for me here.

The survey is pretty short and general, I’m trying to find out what sort of things people look for in an author website and email list as well as how frequently they would be expecting new content. It’s anonymous so you need not fear, but there is an option to input your email address if you want to hear when the website and everything goes live. That’s the only email you will receive but it’s entirely optional and none of your details will be shared. So, if you have two minutes (I think 1min 48secs is the average completion time) then I’d love if you could help a girl out, you can find the survey here.

Other Bits and Pieces

Lastly, it may or may not have surprised you, all this talk of all this author platform nonsense, particularly if you were not aware that I write outside of this blog. That’s all right, I’m pretty secretive about it for several reasons:

  • I hate sharing my work before it is finished.
  • People assume it’s a hobby and don’t take you seriously.
  • It’s always awkward explaining what you’re working on (see first point) and people always seem to think it’s ok to tell you how you should write your story even when they have no clue what it’s about (see point one for why).
  • People immediately want to read it (see point one).
  • People assume that anyone can be a writer and don’t understand the devastating amount of work that goes into it.
  • Aaaaaand my teachers said it was stupid and I’d die penniless and starved and be buried in a pauper’s grave if I didn’t get a real job (only slight exaggeration).

Disclaimer: I have a real job (which I actually enjoy — bonus!) which pays the rent and feeds me so that I can write. It’s a good job and I like it.

Anyway, I write primarily fantasy because I can do whatever I want and I really like dragons so I naturally graduated toward their native genre. That said, I have other things stewing in the background which are not strictly fantasy (or not high fantasy at least). In the last few months, I’ve been doing a complete overhaul of a finished draft and in the last month have been skipping merrily through the first draft of a new novel. Again, this has detracted some of my attention from KA since it’s a very different direction.

So there is some fun and interesting stuff going on in the background and more that I’m excited about (particularly church-wise) but that you don’t really need to know about. The only other thing (because I’m really excited about it) is that I’m memorising Mark and really, really enjoying it. Yes, you read it right, the gospel of Mark from the Bible. I’m not amazing at memorisation and never have been but I figured if I ever end up without a Bible, it would be good to have a gospel in my head at least. It’s not massively long and I’m nearly a quarter of the way through but I think that would be an interesting post for another time, actually so I’m going to leave it there.

That’s the news for the moment. There’s lots going on but discipline and consistency are important so while I’m pedalling like crazy underneath, there should be regular posts on KA. I did notice that they have been increasingly related to cultural and political topics which is interesting but I do try to break it up with lighter posts from time to time to brighten the mood a little. It’s a fallen world we live in but it’s not all so very bad. And we win in the end anyway so we can bear it awhile.

Right, this was a very chilled, chatty post and I hope it was helpful, giving you a little insight into what’s going on and some of the exciting things that will be coming up. Please let me know in the comments if there are any particular topics that you would like to see or any feedback you have and I will have a good old think about it as we enter in to the second half of this year.

I really enjoy writing for you and it baffles me (and humbles me) that you continue to read. You’re the reason this isn’t an internet echo chamber so let me know what you think and what you’re interested in and I’ll see how I can help you :)

*Props to Sheologians. Go listen to their podcast, particularly the recent one on reading Scripture.

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