The Allies’ Story

Recently, I shared a video on Facebook with the simple comment ‘And people wonder why I would home school my children.’ After social media burying so many of the news clippings, videos, and articles that I’ve been posting about abortion over the last few weeks, it surprised and tickled me that something this silly would cause several people to be triggered.

Below is the video:


In case you were wondering, yes, she did make a comment about Jodie Foster in front of a bunch of children.

Rather than actually comment on the video, I’m just going to leave it here for you to watch in your own time along with a second one. This other film is created from a short story called The Children’s Story by James Clavell, way back in 1963 when the Cold War was in full swing. A lot has changed since then but it’s slightly creepy anyway. Sitting at the 25 minute mark, this one is less millennial-friendly in length but I recommend watching it in one go for full effect. It’s shorter than an episode of Brooklyn-99 on Netflix.

At some point, I will come back to these videos and comment on them and why they matter but for now, take some time to watch them and draw your own conclusions before I chip in.

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