Nine Subtle Signs of a Silent Spoonie

Spoonie — n. someone living with a chronic illness. Originates with  Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory.

1. Frequently tired. (But aren’t we all?)

2. Perhaps a little pale. (But we can’t all afford a week in the Bahamas, more’s the pity)

3. Somewhat absent at times. (Away with the fairies for a moment there, sorry. What were you saying?)

4. Likes early nights. (They can be so refreshing)

5. Struggles with mornings. (Oh, I’m just a night owl)

6. Might be the friend that always carries painkillers, wet wipes, tissues, water, and snacks. (No harm in being prepared)

7. Subtle pile of laundry on their bedroom floor. (It’s been a long week, I’ll catch up)

8. Bruises like berry stains blossoming in the corners of their elbows. (Oh, just routine bloods the Doctor wanted)

9. Flashes of weariness, sorrow, or pain when they think no one will notice. (I’m just tired, but aren’t we all. . .)

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